How to Increase the Life of Your Solar Panels?

 Solar systems were so expensive when they initially appeared on the market that’s why some people may be deterred from going the solar way. The price of solar panels and solar home construction has decreased in recent times, just as the cost of digital watches has plummeted since theirs early days. You probably want to be sure that the system will continue to serve you for a long period of time if you are aware of this fact and converting your home using solar panels.



The average manufacturer’s warranty on solar panels is approximately 25 years, although there are many such panels still in operation that have greatly exceeded this life span. Appropriate solar repair and maintenance and compatible climate are the two key factors to long product life. This article looks at possible repair and maintenance needs.


  1. Routine Maintenance


Panels must remain clear and free of debris falling from overhanging trees and without being in the shade, they must be completely open to the sun and sky. When completely exposed to direct sunlight solar panels work best. Every owner of a home solar system should be made routine checks for tree branches and other obstructions.


For the accumulation of dirt on the panels, Dust, and particles that circulate during high winds and storms account. It begins to keep sun rays from reaching the panels and it lowers the efficiency of energy conversion as dirt builds up. To ensure their effectiveness and ensure their longevity, regular maintenance includes Solar Panel Cleaning with an appropriate washing and cleaning solution.


  1. Repairs


Solar panels have a minimum number of parts. Fewer parts mean fewer things can go wrong. But almost no man-made product is indestructible and during the life of your wonderful green system there may be a need for solar repair due to:


  1. Burned out system battery terminals
  2. Faulty wiring
  3. Cracked glass
  4. Heat fading



Wires that are too small, oxidation, corrosion, or wires that are too loosely connected may result in wiring problems and require solar repairing. As the car batteries burn out just the same solar batteries can burn out too. Excessive heat from the sun can cause overheating which decreases energy production in very high climates. Sometimes wind can result in gravel and flying rocks which can damage the panels. Small cracks from wind damage can be repaired using glass tape but extensive damage may require you to replace an entire panel with a new one.


If you suspect that your system is not operating at its peak use this as your first checklist to ensure that your system is well cared for. Just in case, prepare in advance and make sure that you have a solar panel repair kit on hand.


For a long life


After 40 years many solar repair company is still operating well and there are regular sales of old and used panels. They begin to lose capacity after they reach the 20-year mark. When you first spot a problem be sure to do regular maintenance and make repairs to get the most out of your investment.


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